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We apologise for keeping our website down for few days during the 1st phase of COVID-19. Our offices will remained closed due to unfortunate pandemic of COVID-19. Any updates on our website regarding any information would be updated only after the Government Guidelines !!!

Saraswati College of Distance Education was Established in the year 1991 to provide distance education in mumbai  and all over India through correspondence program to the people who couldn’t complete their education due to their commitments and responsibilities. Our object is to provide career and value based education to every section of the society through distance education learning in India.

In recent Years, Concern of Quality Distance Education in India has been on Rise. This Concern is Not Just Limited to Institute & University but also to the Parents, Employers & Government. In an Increasing competitive Global Context, Higher Education today is Directly Link to the changing Economic & Social Scenario of Our Country. Revolution in information communication, role of Market in Education and developing competence relevant to employability and technology management has become an imminent part of higher Education.

Saraswati College of Distance Education is one of India’s leading ISO 9001-2008 certified. Saraswati College of Distance Education a premium authorized service provider for some of the best university. Saraswati College of Distance Education has approx 300,000 students and professionals centers in Mumbai. The brand also has productive relationships with the university like Jaipur National University, Periyar University to name a few. Saraswati College of Distance Education is engaged with multiple Universities, whose degrees are offered at our centers and we are also authorized national coordinator for Jaipur National University (Rajasthan).