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Saraswati College of Distance Education has the best IT Education and Certification model in the industry. It is based on our learning from various countries. The product lines have been customized and created to suit the needs of different geographies. The support services help our partner to succeed in their IT training venture with Saraswati College of Distance Education. It is very important for an entrepreneur to choose something with great support and training. One will need to learn the variables that cause people to fail and align themselves in a community full of top earners who will be there to support you and keep you on track.

Saraswati College of Distance Education offers two different business models to prospective entrepreneurs or Business Groups who are keen to engage with us. They are A Unit franchisee.

It offers Saraswati College of Distance Education IT/Academic programs to students.

This model is suitable for entrepreneurs or professionals who want to start IT & MANAGEMENT education business.

The interesting part is these centers can choose the most suitable training programs from the vast list of Saraswati College of Distance Education of IT and management courses.

A Unit franchise may directly supported by the Saraswati College of Distance Education Head Office.

A Unit Franchisee center starts with capacity ranging from 25 STUDENT TO 75 STUDENTS.

A prime commercial location with area ranging from 500 Square Feet is ideal.

The Saraswati College of Distance Education business model has been tested for over a decade before providing it to our selected franchise partners.

Take your first step to contact us as an exciting, de-risked and scalable business opportunity is waiting for entrepreneurs willing to enter this recession free business.

Write to us at to enquirer.It’s time to be your own boss!