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We apologise for keeping our website down for few days during the 1st phase of COVID-19. Our offices will remained closed due to unfortunate pandemic of COVID-19. Any updates on our website regarding any information would be updated only after the Government Guidelines !!!

Shri Vinod Kumar Sanan and Shri Vinay Pal Singh were the Founder and Architect of the Institution, today known as the Saraswati College of Distance Education. Our honorable founders began the journey by setting up the Saraswati College of Distance Education as long ago as 1991. His primary object of setting the educational institutes was to facilitate education to Needy Section, so that they could learn some trade and it could help them become self sufficient in their later life. Shri V. K. Sanan and Shri V.P. Singh were diligent, industrious and independent by nature they disliked the idea of working under someone else. They therefore chose to service the society.

Driven no doubt by their nobility of heart, patriotic fervor as they were cut in the true Gandhian model Commitment, Vision & Foresight and above all their spirit of Secularism and Philanthropy, that in the twilight of their flourishing business career, they motivated themselves to bestow a part of their life’s savings in the furtherance of a worthy and noble cause, They were deeply distressed on observing the inequality faced by the underprivileged in the recruitment of personnel. They could foresee two major upcoming problems then, one was an acute problem of shortage of labour and the other was educated unemployment. It was with this vision that they setup the institution.

Although Shri Vinod Sanan and Shri Vinay Pal Singh is no more mortally amongst us (passed away in 2007 and 2001 respectively), their values continue to remain deeply imbibed in the functioning of this college  that function under the Society. And it provides us a stepping stone to create a quality driven Education group.