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We apologise for keeping our website down for few days during the 1st phase of COVID-19. Our offices will remained closed due to unfortunate pandemic of COVID-19. Any updates on our website regarding any information would be updated only after the Government Guidelines !!!

Friends, it gives me immense pleasure to introduce Saraswati College of Distance Education. Mankind is poised to enter a brave new age – an age where an effective level of international competitiveness is proving to be of essence. Also, our Hon’ble H.E. Ex-President Shri A.P.J. Abdul Kalam has given us a dream and aim to transform our country to a “Developed Country” from a “Developing Country”.

Here, academic Institutes have a great role to play in enabling young people to have a grand vision and to equip them with overall ability & precise skills to change the vision into a reality.Our college offers various academic courses in almost all the streams.We help students to develop an intelligent mind with analytical ability, to take on worldly challenges and a strong will power to assume social responsibility. In other words, we help in creating progressive and positive citizens. This prospectus is a reflection of the ethos of the college. Our approach is aimed at developing our students’ individuality but also having them appreciate the importance of team spirit