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We apologise for keeping our website down for few days during the 1st phase of COVID-19. Our offices will remained closed due to unfortunate pandemic of COVID-19. Any updates on our website regarding any information would be updated only after the Government Guidelines !!!

Program Officer

India is a young giant, a super power in the waiting. In its journey ahead, it needs a huge pool of dedicated, skilled and proficient manpower. We at Saraswati College of Distance Education are in the process of creating such young leaders who will be active partners in India’s progress This college thrives on innovating, reinventing and being a cut above the rest. We are a temple of knowledge, in the true sense, having every course under our roof.From SSC to PHD, – Saraswati has it all.

We believe in providing the best of infrastructure since we know that the best of surroundings is conducive to gaining knowledge.Our's is a completely student centric college and we aim to make each student techno savvy so as to enable him/her to stand out in this increasingly technological world. We are confident that Saraswati College of Distance Education will continue to spread the light of education and vision and contribute to the eradication of ignorance in the years to come. Saraswati College of Distance Education welcomes all those willing to widen their horizons and enhance themselves

I wish all the best to the students who enter here.